SOS is appreciative of all donations. With your support, SOS serves the needs of the community.
There are several ways to financially support SOS




Make checks payable to Schools Offer Support & send to:

Schools Offer Support c/o Beth Kiefer 1480 Pierce St. Birmingham, MI. 48009

If you are over the age of 70 1/2, you can donate part of your IRA, up to $100,000, to a qualified 501(c)(3) organization, like SOS.  For those already taking required minimum distributions from their IRA, this can be an ideal way to lower your taxable income.

Tax ID Number 46-2589389


Do you want to say " Happy Birthday" or "Thank You" to a friend or would you like to honor/remember someone special? Send an SOS Tribute.

  1. Fill out the Tribute Form
  2. Mail or Drop it off to the Seaholm Office
  3. The SOS Committee sends your recipient a beautiful card
  4. Feel Good – You not only made someone feel special, but your contribution is tax deductible and you are helping people in your community
  5. Tributes can be purchased for a minimum of $10


If you are interested in volunteering with SOS or Club SOS (our BPS student club) please contact:

Katie Parker

Club SOS Advisor/CSO Coordinator
(248) 203-3725


Join Club SOS students to help tutor middle school students at Derby, Berkshire, and BCS

Derby's VARC Tutoring

Derby’s VARC (Virtual Academic Resource Center) is looking for high school students to support Derby students with homework assignments, projects, quizzes or tests. Complete the Derby Google Doc below to sign-up for a 45 minute tutoring session
Mon – Fri, 3:15-4pm

Contact Mrs. Johnson with questions.

Berkshire's VARC Tutoring and Mentorship

Berkshire’s VARC (Virtual Academic Resource Center) is looking for volunteers to offer academic support either after school or on Saturday mornings. For the Mentorship portion, Berkshire is seeking individuals who can offer social/emotional check ins. Fill out the Berkshire Google Doc below to sign up.

Contact Mrs. Lucken with questions.

BCS Mentorship

BCS is looking for motivated high school students who wish to earn community service hours by volunteering as a mentor for our choice hour program. Mentors will work with students in a variety of after school classes.

Contact Mrs. Bassett with questions.

Letters of Gratitude


In Memory of Leon Ricelli
The Corey Family

In Memory of Shirley & Raymond Abrams
Julie & Michael Abrams

In Memory of Robbie Ellwood
The Corey Family

In Memory of Billy Mazer
The Corey Family

In Memory of Billy Mazer
Murry Pierce

In Honor of Ben Harwood
Lisa Corey

In Honor of Lisa Corey
Katherine Acker

In Honor of Terry Piper
The Turnbull Family

In Honor of Catherine Turnbull
Rosemary Ricelli-Scheidt

In Honor of David Reed-Norwall
The Singer Family

In Memory of Ruth Schiebold
Barbara Weisberg

In Honor of David Reed-Norwall
The White Family

In Honor of Thad Wilhelm
The White Family

In Honor of Melissa & Gary Oudersluys
The Corey Family

In Honor of Robin Moten
The Nathan Family

In Honor of Keith Hart
The Bailey Family

In Memory of Paul Yankle
The Acker Family

In Memory of Linda Di Gregorio
The London Family

In Honor of Steve Scheidt
Michela & Jim Treharne

In Honor of Lynette Mayman
Caroline Held

In Honor of Mike Kristopik
The Corey Family

In Honor of Robin Moten
The Corey Family

In Honor of Ms. Moten, J. Williams, K. Hall, T. Cibor
The Acker Family

In Honor of Chuck Steltenkamp
The Corey Family

In Honor of Neil Tuomi
The Corey Family